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Essay. What is law?

Law plays different parts in life of every person, it means distinctive things for each of us. But what is law exactly for me? It’s true to say that it is a very difficult question, but I’ll try to find the right answer, which will disclose my interpretation of this point.

Actually, law is a set of special legal rules, enforceable by the courts, regulating the government of a state, relationship between the organs of government and the subjects of the state, and the relationship or conduct of subjects towards each other. Actually, it is a rule or body of rules made by the legislature for keeping order in one state. But it is just a definition. 

In my life law is something that makes people create society and live mostly in piece by common rules. People have to be governed by law to avoid illegality and therefore uncontrolled behaviour. There is no doubt that I can’t imagine any normally existing large group of people, not being restricted by legal norms. Even in ancient times people created customs and traditions, that later was named as common law. And now we can see that every society has tried to make any rules to settle social behaviour. 

Let’s imagine the situation that there isn’t law in one «state». I’ve put this word in quotes because basically state can’t exist without law, that’s why, it seems to me, the more suitable definition in that case is «the territory, where people live». And what will we see in this place? A lot of people behaving themselves as they want, murdering without any punishment, commiting vandalism, but for all that escaping blame and conviction. People in such situation don’t know what is right or wrong, they have no possibility to find it out. Such «state» won’t exist for a long time, at first society will have to create common law and than find a leader. A good example to such a situation is the soviet film «How to kill dragon», where it is shown how after the disappearance of strong totalitarian power people felt absolute anarchy and everybody’s common sovereignty. May it lead to any fortunate results? Definitely not. No law, no govern, no rules, no society. Everything is very well connected.

Moreover, legislation is integral part of law, just legal codes, passed by the government, give guaranty to people that all rules won’t change in different cases, that you always have documents, laws, defending your rights. Law can’t exist without it. Without written laws society stays on the initial stage of development. That’s why legislation composes my interpretation of law too. 

Finally, I’d like to notice that first of all law for me means strong order in our society, people’s support and their confidence in the future. All this should be provided by the government by passing necessary laws and people’s strict observance of those rules. It won’t be any state without such conditions. It is my view on law understanding. 

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