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Essay. Art - to be or not to be?

Art – to be or not to be?

Art – is a vital part of human beings life. It is one of a few ways for us to express ourselves and to show our feelings. Throughout the history of our planet, art has contributed to the development of humanity. Nowadays art is in decline, more and more young people do not know how is Picasso, Shiskin… We must put art to former positions and our future generation will know more than we about art. If future generation will be without art they will have less feeling and world can become more boring. I hope, that some simple steps can make our future more interesting and picturesque.

First of all, art must become available for public. Paintings and sculptures must be in museums where all can see them, but not in private collection. In museums, we can find only famous work of art and modern art. At same time, owners of privet private collections can show them in differ places, not in one country or one town. Sometimes, public want to see more but do not have such opportunity.

Secondly, in schools teacher must pay more attention to art as subject. They can make excursions to the museums or different exhibitions. Children do not have so much time and ability to go by themselves to gallery. Art teacher can explain and show them much more than children parents or them by themselves in the Internet. In this case, consciousness of growing generation can form like well educated and erudite. In future, they will pay more attention to art and theirs children will see and know more about.

One of the last things to remember, but very important is to say about modern art. Many people do not consider that modern art is art. Critics say that it is scribble, furthermore old generation do not understand it at all. We must be more tolerated, because modern art is future of art. If art will not have future, it means that art will not exist.

Finally, the problem is not so big and important, but it can became much more biger, we only need to decide the problem now. And that is some simple steps how we can improve situation with art. Maybe we will see much more new paintings and other art works. 


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